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About Swatch-Scio

Welcome to Swatch-Scio. Scio is Esperanto for knowledge.

For many years there were great paper Swatch catalogues (like Bonello and Swatch-Clopedia). These catalogues were your premier source for Swatch info, pictures and values. Sadly since 2008 no new catalogue has been issued and it seems none will be produced anymore. Sad really. But also a nice chance for an online catalogue with free information for everybody. Obviously there is a copyright mark on every page to make sure noone copies the whole website. But feel free to use portions as you like.

Swatch-Scio was founded by Hans van Buuren in 2017. Hans is a long time Swatch collector, connoiseur, repairman, Pioneer Member of Swatch Club and co-author of the Swatch-Clopedia catalogue. Swatch-Scio was built from scratch and does not hurt copyright of previous catalogues or private persons. Swatch-Scio is crowd sourced. This means it holds knowledge and pictures from many people who agreed to share on Swatch-Scio. If you want to attribute, please get in contact and you will be very welcome. This is the current list of contributors:

  1. Hans van Buuren

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