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All Swatches Set

Name Code Year
10 Step Production Display Box Black SET-CLUB2
10 Steps Production Display Box Colour SET-CLUB1
11th Event World Museum SET-MUS11
700 Year Set 1st Edition SET-700
700 Year Set 21st Edition SET-700.2
Apron/Skin 1997 SET-APRON
Aquachrono Soup/Big Blue + Silver Moon SET-SOUP
Aquachrono Submarine SET-SUBMARINE 1993
Athens Swatch Store/3 Olympic watches SET-ATHENS
Augsburg Birthday Special SET-AUGS2
Berlin Store Re-Opening Tin/any SET-BERLIN
Black & White Can/Black Hours + White Minutes SET-BW
Boston Art Of time 2/Artist Swatches SET-BAOT1
Boston Art Of Time 2/Artist Swatches SET-BAOT2
Box Historic Olympic Games SET-OLYMP1
Box Historic Olympic Games with 9 Pins SET-PINS
Box Honour and Glory SET-OLYMP2
Box of 32 WC Soccer Beats SET-SOCCER
Box Olympic Legends SET-OLYMP3
Brooklyn Academy Of Music/Boogie Mood + Martingala SET-ACADEMY
Chinese Valentine SET-CHINESE2 2003
Chinese Valentine SET-CHINESE1 2002
Christmas/Happy Joe + Happy Jenny SET-JOEJEN 2003
Coffee Tin SET-COFFEE 2002
Coffeemugs/Clone + Call A Date + Calories + Rescue SET-MUGS
Come Together Event SET-COME
Destination Set SET-DESTI
Die Zeit Ist Reif SET-REIF 2002
Duty Free Shop Special SET-DUTY
Electa Set With Book/Rubin + Bluematic + Black Motion SET-ELECTA
Elements Set Foam/Chlorine + Oxygen + Zerkon SET-CLUB3
Elements Set With Cardboard Sleeve SET-ELEMENTS
Euro Roadshow/Waipitu SET-EURO
Fathersday SET-FATHER 1998
Get The Message SET-MESSAGE
Hamburg Store Opening Special (Lots of Swatch) SET-HAMBURG
Happy Joe & "Happy Jenny" SET-HAPPY
Haute Couture Set YZS09 2011
Historical Olympic Collection Set SZS01 1994
II.Historical Olympic Coll.95 SZS02 1995
III.Historical Olympic Coll.96 SZS03 1996
Irony Pen set SET-PENSET
Irony Vip Case SET-VIP 1995
Italian XL Collection Launch Special SET-XL
James Bond series in Leather Suitcase SZS007 2002
James Bond Villains Set SZS008 2008
Journalists Pack SS2003/Lucky You SET-JOURNAL 2003
Kalinka - Malinka SZS07 2013
Karlsruhe Store Opening Special SET-KARLSRUHE
Kiki Picasso SET-KIKI
Knife And Keyhanger Gents Set SET-KNIFE1
Knife And Keyhanger Ladies Set SET-KNIFE2
Le Walk/Andale + Metal Flash SET-LEWALK
Leipzig Promenaden Special SET-LEIPZIG
Lens Package/Funky Town + Running Time SET-LENS
Münich Megastore Tin SET-MUNICH
Messages Passport/Protect + Define + Consider SET-MESSAGES 1996
Messenger SET-MESSENGER 1999
Milano City Set/Evergreen Models SET-MILANO
Millennium Box/Soleil + Sea Traffic SET-MILLEN
Music Goes Swatch SET-MUSIC 1995
Neckties SET-TIES
Olympic Centennial Race/an Olympic SET-CENT
Olympic-Medals Set YZS01 1996
Opening Store Augsburg (FW 2001 any) SET-AUGS1
Our Present For Him And Her Set YZS08 2010
Painted Box SET-TAIPB
Piano Box/Spartito SET-PIANO
Roller Inline/Black + White SET-INLINE
Sand And Water Cube/Irony Scuba 200 SET-CUBE 1998
Scuba Can With Net SET-SCUBA1 1990
Scuba Can: I Swatch very wet SET-SCUBA2 1991
SCVK4036AG Full-Blooded Set SET-FULL
Set of pins from Athens 2004 SET-PINS2
Signs set/Don't + Net + Straight Up SET-SIGNS
Silver Sleeve by Azzali/Hands SET-SILVER
Skin Acrylic Display Tyra Banks/Skin 1998 SET-ACRYL
Statue Of Liberty Set (World Solar Tour ) SET-LIBERTY
Stephen Dean Set SET-DEAN
Stompset Munich/Irony Rocket SET-STOMP
Swagmen Set 1896-2000 YZS02 1999
Swatch Bible SET-BIBLE
Swatch Delle Nevi/Go Big + Freeride SET-NEVI
Taiwan "Icash" Valentine 2006 SET-ICASH
Taiwan Payeasy Valentine SET-PAYEASY 2002
Taiwan Valentine 2006. Honey Bear SET-HONEY
Vendome Irony Chrono Leather SET-LEATHER
Victory Set (Gold, Silver, Bronze) SET-VICTORY
Weiden Special SET-WEIDEN 2002
Winter Moon + Winter Sun Set/The Club SZS04 2010
Zeit Ist Geld Tin SET-ZEIT