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All Swatches with Names from A to Az

Name Code Year
A Bottle In A Bottle/Pacific Beach SDN110S
A Fond De Caisse YCS430P 2001
A Jamais PWB175 1995
A La Folie GZ281 2013
A Thousand Crossings SUIB100 2009
A Touch Of Fuchsia SUSA400 2012
A Touch Of Fuchsia Sgp China 2012 SUSA400C 2012
A Way To The Stars LB161 2003
Abbracciami SFK380H 2013
Abendrot SAN103
ABN Amro Tennis Tournament (Avantage) GK277S2
Abraxas BC103 1987
Abricotier GO114 2014
Absolute Glam SFK382 2013
Abyss SDN116
Abyss SDN117
Ac Brown SBB102 1996
Accecare D'Oro YAS102PU 2002
Accelerato GK246 1997
Access To Salzburg SKK104S1
Access To Salzburg SKK104
Access To Salzburg Maxi MSKK104
Access to Space SKZ100
Acid Drop SUSL400 2012
Acid Drop Sgp China 2012 SUSL400C 2012
Acid Lite GB901 1996
Acid Pop BK101 1987
Acid Pop PWBK101 1988
Acoustica SLK116
Acquarella SFK192
Acquarella Restyled SFK192C 2004
Acrobat PWK149
Across Country SFF118 2010
Across The Town SKK1000C 2004
Across The Town SKK1000D 2004
Acrylic Display/Sign Of The Times GZ409S2
Activation SOI401
Actual Spirit SFC103 2002
Adam SLZ106
Adamastor SKL100
Adamastor Maxi MSKL100
Additional Orange GC103 2001
Adrenaline YCS4001A
Adrenaline Restyled YCS4001GC 1998
Aeanon YGS436G
Aerinos SVCK4006
Aerinos Journalist Pack SVCK4006S
Affecting SFK292G
Affen Party GG203 2006
Afm Charge Time GO108 2010
AFM Cliff Drop GS141 2010
Afm Dance Time GP135 2010
Afm Laugh Time GR156 2010
Afm Pow Slash SKB111 2010
Afm Powder Turn GG211 2010
Afreau Couti GZ197 2008
African BBQ GN179 1999
African BBQ Maxi MGN179
African Can GK120 1990
After Burner SUEK402 2002
After Dark GB144 1992
After Twelve YCS464 2005
Afterburner GF701 1998
Afterdark GZ204 2009
Agathos GN140 1994
Agatic Agatac GK280 1998
Agatic Agatac Maxi MGK280
Agent GB906 2000
Ahhh! GE226 2009
Aiglette GB159 1994
Aiglon GB158 1994
Aigre-Doux SUAG101
Aim At Me YSS301 2016
Aiming For Your Heart GE107 2003
Air Walker PWBR104 1990
Aire GK210 1996
Airfun LR121 2008
Akros PWK203
Akrovatis SUDK109
Alabama SCN105
Alabama SCN106
Albatros GX700 1988
Albinostrich YVS412 2014
Albions, Uk/Clearance SKK103OAE 1996
Alec YCM4007AG 2014
Alexander GX123 1992
Alfonso SAG102
Algarve GN128 1993
Alice PWK165
Alien Baby GG175 1998
Alien Baby Maxi MGG175
Alien Foil Wrap/Alien Baby GG175S
All Blue SUAN100 2002
All Fit GE210 2008
All In Circle YCS532G 2010
All Over YCS1002 1996
All Over Restyled YCS1002C 1996
Almagama LK168 1998
Almost Black GM718 2003
Aloha PWBB141
Along The Stripes SUFM100 2003
Alphabet LK156 1996
Alphorn GR120 1994
Alpine GW113 1989
Alpine Vintage YOS450 2015
Alt LB149 1999
Alta Quota SVCK4028 2004
Altamarea SDL100
Altra Sceltra PMK149U 2002
Alu-Me YGS9009AG
Always Cool GK287 1999
Always Early GK243 1997
Always Late LK158 1997
Always Now GK259 1997
Amarantine YMS107G
Amarillo SFN101
Amber Nightbird SUAJ100
Ambitious Goal SUJM703 2008
American Dream SEK103 1995
Amethysia GV126 2014
Amiguinho GZ193 2008
Amneris GK132 1991
Amor De Fuego SUBR106 2004
Amore Furioso YNS414 2004
Amoreiras Special (Virtual Wave) YQS1003S
Amorgos SUSJ100 2015
Amour Total GN196 2001
Amour Total GN196S 2001
Amplitude YLS1005
Amukta GN243 2015
An American Selection/Magnitudo GK170S
Anchor Baby GN247 2017
Andale SSK105
Andante LB138 1995
Andrew Logan Jelly Fish GK100AL 1985
Andromeda GK111 1988
Andy Baby SUOB115 2015
Andy Mac YCS4019 2001
Anelly E Stelle SFK244G 2005
Anemone GK902 1997
Angels 'Air GE140PU 2005
Angels Call YSS128G 2001
Anglomania GW134P
Angolan Soccer Team YQS1003CD 1999
Anguilla SDK120
Anguria PWK196
Aniak SAK123
Animal Skin SFK375 2013
Animalo PWBB143
Anisette LL116 2015
Another Moon Step YWS406 2016
Antenor SVCK4076AG 2013
Anthelope LK147 1994
Anthyllis YLS406G
Anthyllis Brun YSS123P 2000
Anthyllis Rouge YSS122P 2000
Anthyllis Vert YSS121P 2000
Antibes LW120 1988
Anticipation SUYB101G
Anticonstitutionnellement GK910 2000
Anticonstitutionnellement GK910S
Antifog SHN102
Antifreeze SHK100
Antique Floral SFK232
Antiquite GM151 2000
Anti-Slip GN907 1999
Antocchi YSS168G
Antonym YGS442GPU
Apasionada SFK108
Apparatoso LK228G 2003
Appia YWS401 2014
Appletini GR707 2014
Approaching Dial STB403 2000
Apricotime YTS712 2012
Apron/Skin 1997 SET-APRON
Aqua Club LP108 1989
Aqua Club PWK138 1991
Aqua Dream LK100 1986
Aqua Jelly Skin SFN108H 2001
Aqua Pink PWBK120 1989
Aqua Vitae SUBN100 2001
Aquaba PWN102
Aquachrono Soup/Big Blue + Silver Moon SET-SOUP
Aquachrono Submarine SET-SUBMARINE 1993
Aquafun PMK122
Aquafun PMK122S
Aquastones SFK237
Aquazone SDL901
Aquazone SDN122
Arabian Nights SVCK4081AG 2014
Arabic Treasure GK285 1999
Arancia Infocata YCS4029 2004
Arancia Infocata Restyled YCS4029AGD 2004
Arancione SUGB106
Arancione Di Sera YCS4023 2003
Arch Of Sun SFK313 2008
Archimede SCG109
Arcimboldo SAO100
Arctic Dream YMS1004 2001
Arctic Sea LL114C 2011
Arctic Touch SUJZ100 2006
Arctic Touch SUJZ100S 2006
Ardency YSS146
Ardent Flower LP121BPU 2005
Ardent Flower LP121PU
Ardoise SVCN4006 2015
Argentinian Soccer Team YQS1003N 1999
Aris Kristatos- For Your Eyes Only SUJB104 2008
Arlette GM154 2000
Armour Clad GM712 1999
Arnould Fashions GB186 1998
Around 2 LF108S
Around 2 LF108 2000
Around the City SKB1000C 2004
Around the City SKK1000 2004
Around The City SKB1000 2004
Around The City SKB1000D 2004
Around The City / Access SKB1000F 2004
Around The Six SFK168G
Around Waves YCS475GPU 2006
Around You SUBB108
Around You SUBB108H 2004
Arsenic YGS4006
Art Déco PWR107 1991
Art Deco LM103 1984
Art Drop SUOW107C 2014
Artic Star GJ108 1992
Artificial Ice YLS4011 2003
Artist Collection 2009 GZS40 2009
As Time Goes By GX128 1997
Ascot GX117 1990
Asetra GK137 1991
Asetra GK138 1991
Ask Your Swatch STGB100 2003
Asparagus PMK111
Assault SBK114
Assault Olympia Logo SBK114C 1997
Assolutamente Blu YLS422
Assolutamente Blu YLS422G 2004
Astilbe GP140 2013
Astrapi GP126
Astyanax SVCK4075AG 2013
At School GE167 2005
At The Zoo LS106 2004
Ataraxia YLS1009
Atermon YCS453
Athens 1896 SVDZ4000S 2004
Athens 2004 SUYZ103S 2004
Athens 2004 "I Was There" SUDK106AR
Athens Swatch Store/3 Olympic watches SET-ATHENS
Athletics GM131 1995
Athlimiata GB217
Atlanta Press SKK100C 1996
Atlanta 1996 GZ136 1994
Atlanta 1996 Maxi MGZ136
Atlanta Guest GZ134C 1996
Atlanta Laurels GZ145 1995
Atlanta Laurels Maxi MGZ145
Atlanta Staff GO100C 1996
Atlanta Volunteer GJ109C 1996
Atom STS400
Atomisation SKF102
Atractiveness SFK145G
Attaché l'Heure SFK137P 2002
Atz Eco SCM401
Audacity YSS116G
Audrey LL106 1990
Augsburg Birthday Special SET-AUGS2
Australian Soccer Team YQS1003CO 1999
Autm Gx702 Black Hawk E/F SAU701E-F 1990
Automn Tint YGS4015 2003
Autumn Flowers SFF113 2006
Avalanche YLS104
Avantage GK277S1
Avantage GK277 1998
Avantage Maxi MGK277
Avaton SKZ107
Avenida SAG400
Avoir Du Chien GN224 2006
Award SCB108
AYGS409C/Beach Rider YDS102E 1995
Azimut GK179 1994
Azimut Maxi MGK179
Aztec Red PWBB116 1989
Aztek Fever SUFK111 2004
Azul SFN103
Azulato SVCK4033AG
Azzali/Chic-On GX111S