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All Swatches with Names from H to Hz

Name Code Year
Haagse Bluf/Agatic Agatac GK280S2
Hacker's Reward GK122 1990
Hailstorm YCS432G
Hairy Friend GN226 2008
Hairy Harry GX129 2000
Halberd YSS202G
Halfpipe SBM401
Hamburg Store Opening Special (Lots of Swatch) SET-HAMBURG
Handcuff GK300 1999
Hands GN166 1996
Handsome Prince YGG400 1994
Handwerker YGS7015
Hang On Tight GE170 2006
Hang Twelve GJ102 1989
Hangover GB196S
Hangover GB196 2000
Happiness GP116 2001
Happiness Maxi MGP116
Happy 20th GZ295S 2015
Happy 80th Birthday SUJZ107 2007
Happy Birthday Tintin GZ187 2004
Happy Blue SRN100 1995
Happy Dots SUUK108 2015
Happy Field GE146 2004
Happy Fish SDN101 1991
Happy Flower GV119 2008
Happy Games SUMZ101 2009
Happy Insects GW144 2008
Happy Jeans SUBK104P 2002
Happy Jenny Anthracite YLS420G 2002
Happy Jenny Pink YLS421G 2002
Happy Jenny Sky Blue YLS419G 2002
Happy Jenny White YLS425G
Happy Jenny Wine YLS424G
Happy Joe YGS400 1994
Happy Joe & "Happy Jenny" SET-HAPPY
Happy Joe Blue YGS400GX 1998
Happy Joe Grey YGS411 1997
Happy Joe Grey YGS411G 1998
Happy Joe Light Blue YGS410 1997
Happy Joe Light Blue YGS410G 1998
Happy Joe Light Grey YGS412G 1998
Happy Joe Light Grey YGS412 1997
Happy Joe Light Grey YGS412C 1997
Happy Joe Noire YGS417P 2000
Happy Joe Pink YGS426G 2002
Happy Joe Red YGS408G 1998
Happy Joe Red YGS408 1997
Happy Joe Red YGS408C 1997
Happy Joe Silver YGS413G 1999
Happy Joe Sky Blue YGS424G 2002
Happy Joe Sky Grey YGS425G 2002
Happy Joe Yellow YGS409 1997
Happy Joe Yellow YGS409G 1998
Happy Joe Yellow YGS409C 1997
Happy Landing SBK109 1995
Happy New Year/Calendarium GK726S
Happy Nightmare GN906
Happy Numbers SUJK121C 2007
Happy Pig GZ155 1998
Happy Sea SDK917 2002
Happy Skiing PWN114 1994
Happy Wheels SAK109 1993
Harajuku GB124 1989
Harajuku Maxi MGB124
Harajuku Store/Tokyo Manga GR133S
Harebell YMS403
Harmoniosa YSS227HPU 2008
Harmoniosa YSS227PU
Haselnuss GK196 1996
Hat Trick SVCK4080AG 2014
Haute Couture Set YZS09 2011
Haute Societe PWK193 1994
Havana Puff GZ003 1988
Hawaii Destination (USA Only) GK209HI
Hayek Branded Watch SUPZ100 2007
Hazy Daisy GS119 2004
Hazy Sky GE108 2003
Hazy-belle YLS1031 2009
Heart Enclose YSS207PU
Heart On Earth GK900 1996
Heartbeat GN187S 2000
Heartbeat GN187 2000
Heartbreak GX101 1988
Heart-cherry YCS527 2010
Heartfelt YLS165 2010
Heartleaf LK269GPU 2006
Heartrending GS139 2010
Hearts LX110 1993
Heartstone GY107 1988
Heartstone GX100 1988
Heartstone GY106 1988
Heartstone Maxi MGX100
Heat Energy YRS424 2010
Heavenly YGS7006AG
Heavens Flower Blue YLS148PU 2007
Heavens Flower Pink YLS149PU 2007
Heigh Alert SULM100 2005
Helikit SUOM107 2017
Heliosphere YGS9004P
Hello Darling SFP115M 2014
Hello Petula GW136 2002
Hello Petula Maxi MGW136
Helmet GG173 1998
Helsinki YES4010 2015
Her Dignity SFK277G 2006
Her Golden Present YLB401S 2011
Her Tender Black YLS433G 2007
Heracles YAS403
Heracles Olympia Logo YAZ400 2001
Herculean YNS413
Here Comes The Drizzle GB214 2003
Hero S/Palmer SHB100S2
Hexed SFC105 2014
Hice-Speed LL110 1991
Hidden Green GN905 1999
Hidden Secrets GB909 2006
Hidden View SAK117 1995
Hiding Blue GB263 2011
Hiding Green GB261 2011
Hiding Grey GB260 2011
Hiding Pink GB262 2011
Hiding Purple GB264 2011
Hielo LK146 1993
High Beam GM107 1991
High Flyer GX704 1989
High Flyer YCS433
High Heel LN116 1992
High In The Sky SHN104 2003
High Moon GA107 1987
High Neck YLG130 2016
High Pressure GK701 1992
High Tail YCS1000 1996
High Tech LB102 1984
High Tech GB002 1984
High Tech 2 GA101 1984
High Temp SRK103 1996
High Water Line YBS4011 2002
High Wonder SUOZ137 2012
Higher Ground SKK116S1
Higher Ground SKK116 2000
Highland Open/Tentacula 2008 SUGK108C 2006
Highland Stories/Mc Killop SAP103S
Highness of Zermatt SUMK102 2006
Highness of Zermatt SKN103 1999
Highness Of Zermatt Iii SKK129 2008
Highway GM707 1995
Highway GM706 1995
Hijacker YGS7003AG
Hippy Love Blue LN140U
Hippy Love Red LR118U
Hipster GB160 1995
Hiroyuki Matsuura Set Limited SUOZS01 2011
His Golden Present YTB402S 2011
His Tender Black YGS740G 2007
Historical Olympic Collection Set SZS01 1994
Hit It SUMM101 2007
Hit The Line GZ294 2015
Hitch Hiker SCG104 1994
Hoarfrost YCS4008
Hoary YGS7001AG
Hocus Pocus GZ122 1991
Hold me SUBK116GPU 2004
Hold me GK341 2001
Hold me Precious SUBK119GPU 2005
Hole In One SCG106 1995
Hole It YPS415 2007
Hole Y Gram GK281 1998
Holiday Dream SUBM106 2007
Holiday Dream SUBM106 2007
Holiday Twist SUOZ709S 2014
Holland Casino Special/Juggler GK307S
Hollow Bangle YSS155H 2003
Holly Joy GZ189 2004
Hollywood Dream GZ116 1990
Hollywood, US/Rhythmycal Moods GK388E 2002
Homegrown PMK125
Hommages YSG107M 1999
Honey Bump GK739 2002
Honey Melon LO103C 2011
Honeytree SCN107
HongKong I Was There XXL GK171S
Honor Ride GJ104 1990
Honorable YNS415
Hookipa GN118 1992
Hookipa Maxi MGN118
Hookup YVS417 2015
Hopscotch GN106 1990
Hora Blanca LW143 2013
Hora Negra LB172 2013
Hors D'Oeuvre / Chicago, Us GF112C 2001
Hors d'Oeuvre GF112S
Hors d'Oeuvre GF112 2001
Horus LL101 1986
Hot Batik Green SUBK145G 2010
Hot Batik Orange SUBK146G 2010
Hot Batik Purple SUBK147G 2010
Hot Chili SUIR400 2010
Hot Fire YLS145G 2006
Hot Hot Hot GK423 2001
Hot Racer LK115 1988
Hot Racer Maxi MLK115
Hot Rap GR113 1991
Hot Stuff PMB103S
Hot Stuff PMB103 1995
Hot Turq PWBK102 1988
Hot Turq BK102 1987
Houla Black YUS117 2008
Hour Plane GR140 2000
Huge In All YNG102 2009
Hugo Drax- Moonraker YRS410G 2008
Hula LL108 1991
Human Fish GW128 2001
Hump YSS284 2014
Humpy Bumpy SUSN411 2016
Huyana SUIP400 2009
Hydrocompass SDN121
Hydrophilic SFK269
Hydrospace YDS1006
Hypnoidale Blanche SUBK102EP 2002
Hypnoidale Blue SUBK102DP 2002
Hypnoidale Rouge SUBK102CP 2002
Hypnotic YMS1003AG
Hypnotic Eye SUOZ126 2012
Hypnotic Heart MX001S 2011
Hypothese YGS4013AG
Hyppocampus SDK103