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All Swatches with Names from I to Iz

Name Code Year
I Am A Child Of The Night GZ249 2011
I Love Tricot SURW109 2014
Iberian Lodge SVDK4003 2005
Ibiskus GL101 1991
Ice Area SUJK106 2006
Ice At Noon GS134 2008
Ice Blink SDL102
Ice Border YRS416 2009
Ice Cube SCM402 1995
Ice Dance GK201 1995
Ice Diving SBB402 1998
Ice Dream PWBK122 1989
Ice Fink GK374 2002
Ice Mint LW105 1985
Ice Party SDS100 1995
Ice Pic SKK109
Ice Shade SUBK125PU 2006
Icebreaker GX113 1989
Icecapade PWN100
Icestorm SVCK4002
Icestorm Solid SVCK4002G 2002
Icicle SHK101
Icy Shine SFK197G 2004
Idanika GS121
Idanika Maxi MGS121
IF Sage/Transparant GK209S1
Iglu SDK914
II.Historical Olympic Coll.95 SZS02 1995
III.Historical Olympic Coll.96 SZS03 1996
Il Poeta GP107 1993
Imagine Love GK290 1999
Impair LB135 1994
Imperial Night SAB105 1996
Implant PMK130
Impress Me YCN4002AGPU 2005
Impudique SFP100
Impulsive Reaction YGS731G 2004
In PMK129S
In PMK129
In A Blue Mode YTS404G 2011
In A Brown Mode YTS406G 2011
In A Burgundy Mode YTS405G 2011
In A Classic Mode YTS400 2011
In A Dark Grey Mode YTS704G 2012
In A Grayish Mode YTS403G 2011
In A Green Mode YTS407G 2011
In A Joyful Mode YTS401 2011
In A Maroon Mode YTS703G 2012
In A Navy Mode YTS702G 2012
In A Stately Mode YTB400 2011
In A Vibrant Mode YTS402 2011
In A Warm Mode YTG400 2011
In Finery SFK285G 2007
In Motorino GN234 2013
In Process SHB104 1999
In The Air GN221 2005
In The Net SVDM4000 2006
In The Sky SUJK140 2009
Inc. GA103 1985
Incantata SFK389G 2014
In-Centric YLS112
Incognito YGS9002
Incredibile Pesce SFF109U 2002
Index GG125 1994
Indian Girl SUBB106U 2003
Indian Package/Fury SCN109S
Indian Sky LN135 2001
Indian Summer YOS419 2007
Indian Treasure YSS204 2006
Indigo Lacquered SUON101 2012
Indispensable LM128G 2005
Ineluctable GG198 2001
Inertia YGS712
Infallible YCS456G
Infinesse SFM106
Infinitamente YMS4007
Infinite Happiness YGS451 2007
Infinite Pleasure YSS226 2007
Infinite Rings SFK149G 2002
Inflame SFK215
Information Screen GR703 2000
Information Screen Restyled GR703C 2000
Infusion LK143 1993
Ink PWBB133
Ink Drops SFB131 2004
Ink Drops Restyled SFB131D 2004
Inky Water SBM106 1997
Innamorato YGS709
Innocent Times YSS241G 2009
Inspyral SCG102
Inspyral SCG103 1994
Instantaneous Fresh SUJK102 2006
Instinctively Right YOS441 2010
Instinctively Right Restyled YOS441C 2010
Instrumental GK364 2001
Instrumental Maxi MGK364
Instrumental Montreux GK364C 2001
Intense Blue GS144 2012
Intense Red GR160 2012
Intensity YSS106
Intensity YCS446
Interface GC102 1996
Intergalactic Cat GE120 2003
Interpretation SUPK103
Intrigue YSS142G
Introspective YAS108 2013
Invader YLS123H
Invecchiato SVDK1004U
Investigator YCS428G
Investment LB129 1991
Invitation YMS400G
Inwards SUJK700
Ioc 100 SCZ101
Ippolytos PMZ103
Iranian Soccer Team YQS1003CA 1999
Irish Weekend YGS4001 1995
Iron Arrow YGS115H 2001
Iron Man GY117 1989
Iron Man GY116 1989
Irony Du Sort YCS425P 2000
Irony Pen set SET-PENSET
Irony Vip Case SET-VIP 1995
Is S.O. There GM148 1999
Isalos YCS4031AG
Isolde LK120 1990
Istanbul 34 SUJZ401 2010
Istanbul Club Special/Sparkling Night LZ106S2
Iswatch SURG101C 2012
Iswatch SIK121D 2013
Iswatch Blanc De Blanc GW164C 2013
iSwatch Noir De Noir GB274C 2013
It 's Coming GN712S
It 's Coming GN712 1999
It 's Here GB741 1999
It 's Here Maxi MGB741
Italian Breathe LK273U 2006
Italian FallWinter Event/Flaky GW138S
Italian Soccer Team YQS1000E 1999
Italian Team Experience (Olympic Team Italy) GZ150IS
Italian XL Collection Launch Special SET-XL
Ivory Coast Soccer Team YQS1003CC 1999
Ivory Softness SFF119 2012
Ivresse Des Profondeurs YDS4013 2001