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All Swatches with Names from O to Oz

Name Code Year
O' Sole Mio LK108 1988
Obelisque GM104 1991
Obi Special/Stade De Suisse 2 SKK2001S5
Oblique End Black YCS545G 2011
Oblique End Blue YCS547G 2011
Oblique End Grey YCS546G 2011
Oblique End Silver YCS549G 2011
Oblique End White YCS550G 2011
Obscuritade SFN106
Obscurity YGS9007
Ocean Breeze SCK107 1994
Ocean Lane YGS427G
Ocean Life SDK913 1998
Ocean Of Love GK909 2000
Ocean Of Love Maxi MGK909
Ocean Ripple SUDK103 2002
Ocean Second YPS409G 2006
Ocean Storm YGS103 1994
Ocean Storm / Aygs708F YGS103D 1994
Ocean Sunset YOS432G 2009
Ocean Trip YBS9002AG
Ocean Vision YCS533G 2010
Oceanide YSS141G
Oceanpurity SUIW403 2010
Octopussy YLG115H
Octoshine YSG144G 2015
Octoshine YSG136G 2014
Odalisgue PWK133
Odalisque YLG102
Oddjob- Goldfinger YOG102G 2008
Ode To The Flag SUOZ218 2015
Oeiras Special/Cookie Face GK386S
Off SUOZ162S 2013
Off SUOZ162 2013
Off The Grill GW704 2014
Offroad LM111 1995
Offset YCS576G 2013
Oigol Oro GZ113 1988
Oil On Water GL110 1999
Olaf H. Set Limited SUOZS08 2014
Old Bond GG102 1988
Oleada Azul YCS4040AG 2006
Oleada Roja YCS4041AG 2006
Olive Rebel SUOG700 2010
Olympia 2 LZ102 1990
Olympia 2 GZ402 1990
Olympia 3 GZ404 1993
Olympia 776 Bc (Numbered) GZ188S 2004
Olympia Logo LZ100RE
Olympia Logo LZ100 1984
Olympia Logo GZ400RE
Olympia Logo GZ400 1984
Olympic 2012 Blue GZ267 2012
Olympic 2012 Brown GZ266 2012
Olympic Athletes Aut GZ150KA
Olympic Athletes Bel GZ150LA
Olympic Athletes Bra GZ150RA 1996
Olympic Athletes Chi GZ150CA
Olympic Athletes Esp GZ150EA
Olympic Athletes Fra GZ150FA
Olympic Athletes Ger GZ150DA 1996
Olympic Athletes Grb GZ150GA
Olympic Athletes Gre GZ150MA 1996
Olympic Athletes Hkg GZ150HA
Olympic Athletes Ina GZ150NA
Olympic Athletes Ita GZ150IA 1996
Olympic Athletes Mas GZ150OA
Olympic Athletes Nzl GZ150QA
Olympic Athletes Rsa GZ150B
Olympic Athletes Sin GZ150PA
Olympic Athletes Sui GZ150AA
Olympic Athletes USA GZ150JA
Olympic Centennial Race/an Olympic SET-CENT
Olympic Friends SUJZ103 2006
Olympic Launch GE123 GE123S
Olympic Portraits GB178 1996
Olympic Team Aut GZ150K 1996
Olympic Team Bel GZ150L 1996
Olympic Team Bra GZ150R 1996
Olympic Team Chi GZ150C 1996
Olympic Team Esp GZ150E 1996
Olympic Team Fra GZ150F 1996
Olympic Team Ger GZ150D 1996
Olympic Team Grb GZ150G 1996
Olympic Team Gre GZ150M 1996
Olympic Team Hkg GZ150H 1996
Olympic Team Ina GZ150N 1996
Olympic Team Ita GZ150I 1996
Olympic Team Mas GZ150O 1996
Olympic Team Nzl GZ150Q 1996
Olympic Team Rsa GZ150B
Olympic Team Sin GZ150P 1996
Olympic Team Sui GZ150A 1996
Olympic Team USA GZ150J 1996
Olympic Venue/Transparent GK209SL
Olympic Volunteers 2010 SUDK103E 2002
Olympic-Medals Set YZS01 1996
Olympische Winterspiele/St. Moritz GZ134S
Ombrellone GO100 1993
On Her Majesty's Secret Service YNS402 2002
On The Dot YLS1007 1998
On The Dot With Date YLS4000
On The Grill SUOB713 2014
On The Path SUKK100 2009
On The Road SUYB112 2004
On Track YGS4017 2003
On Your Mark SUSS100 2015
On Your Top SUJK120 2007
Once Again GB743 2000
Once Again, Again GZ191C
Once Again, Again GZ191 2008
Onda Brillante SUJK123PU 2007
Onda Nera SBM103 1995
One Forever YCS455GU 2004
One Night In 54 SUJK113 2007
One On One/Clearance SKK103L 1996
One Step GX708 1991
One Thousand And One SVCK4084G 2016
One World PUN100 1996
O'Neill Big Mountain Pro SULM102C 2006
Onione SUOP105 2015
Only 3 YSS178 2004
Only Black YGB4008AG 2013
Only For You GZ299 2016
Oongawah! GK193 1995
Oops! My Nails GK421 2000
Opah Black YDS4017 2002
Opah Blue YDS4015 2002
Opah Orange YDS4016 2002
Open Feel YPS416 2007
Open Ocean YGS4031 2010
Open Windows GK702 1992
Open'it SUOZ157 2012
Opening Store Augsburg (FW 2001 any) SET-AUGS1
Ophidian YLS127G
Opposite GK736 2000
Opposite Lights SUBB109G 2004
Optical Effect SUJK400 2008
Optical Mod GB215 2003
Ora D'Aria LN153 2017
Ora Et Signora SKZ106 1997
Ora Et Signora Maxi MSKZ106
Orablu YGS4020
Oracolo GZ151
Oracolo Set GZS51 1996
Orange Braille SUAO100 2002
Orange Brush PMK141 2001
Orange Juice SEK104 1995
Orange Jumper SHM106 2004
Orange Painted Time GK378 2002
Orange Sanguine SDR101 2000
Orange Spring GK348C 2001
Orange Teeth YVS422 2015
Orange Ticket GO900 2000
Orange Zeb GO107 2011
Orange'n Petrol GB268 2012
Orangeade Drive SUJK134 2008
Orangette SUBR102
Orangin ' Zest YGS7002 1998
Orangin' Zest / Bouygues Tel (F) YGS7002C 1998
Orangish Lacquered SUOO100 2012
Orangy Pink Rebel SUOO701 2012
Orb PWZ104
Orca SDK130
Orchester GB740 1999
Organic Chain SUBK132G 2007
Organic Structure YGS438G 2004
Orhanda YCB4027AG 2014
Oriental Print SFK359 2011
Origin Of Love GZ242 2011
Original Jelly GK100SP
Original Jelly Fish GZ010 1983
Orly GM110 1992
Ornamental Game SFM115G 2011
Oro Meo LK190 2001
Orologio SSK103
Oscillation SVDK1000
Oscillatron STK400
Oseille GK426 2001
Osiris GM102 1986
Ossiach Special/Waterwhirl SBN104S
Otherwise YSS183
O-tini SUUK103 2015
Otranto Bottle/Clearance SKK103S1
Ou Est Ce Que j'étais GK363P
Oudatchi YGS710
Oula Gloup LW144 2015
Our Present For Her YLB400S 2010
Our Present For Him YTB401S 2010
Our Present For Him And Her Set YZS08 2010
Our Swatch Quattro SUOZ194S 2015
Ours Polaire SOB404 1999
Out In The Wild SUUN101 2016
Out Of Boarder SKB103 2003
Outback YCS4002
Oval SBM400
Ovation SLM103
Over Charm SFM110G 2009
Over The Lakes SUUZ100S 2014
Over The Wave SDN105 1993
Overboard SBK105
Overdrive SCK413
Overpowered SVCM1000
Overrun YMS407G
Overshadow GB209 2002
Overtaking Fluo SUMB100 2007
Overtime GB183 1997
Overtime Maxi MGB183
Own Way LB167AG 2008
Oxford Navy GN401 1985
Oxford Navy LN103 1985
Oxygen GK241 1997