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There are several things that can be done in order to give your Swatches the longest possible life.

Best practices

Did you know originally Swatches were designed to last ten years? For a fashion watch this was (and for many brands still is) a good enough life expectancy. We now know a Swatch lasts much longer than ten years. It does depend on the type though. And obviously on the way you treat it. That's what this knowledge page is all about.

To wear or not to wear. That's the easy one. If you are wearing a Swatch then you will be causing wear which diminishes its remaining life span. You also lower its value. Always keep this in mind. Sure, they were made to be worn.

Light or dark. When preserving a Swatch always keep it in the dark. The light has a bad effect on the colour of the case and will also cause brittleness. A process that cannot be reversed. Some transparent cases are so yellowed that people think they own a colour variant. Sadly, they don't.

Temperature. Do keep your collection at room temperature without big changes and also make sure the humidity does not become too low. This will cause straps to lose flexibility and break.

To have it running or to not have it running. Obviously when a Swatch runs it is wearing out. If you want to keep it for decades to come, take out the battery (non Renata batteries will leak eventually) and don't use automatic winders. There is a concern that when not running for a long time the movement oil will dry and becaome hard, blocking the movement. Uusally this can be solved by using some chemicals to solve the oil. One might even apply a little new watch oil. Swatch Chrono's are well know to have blocked tiny hands because they never run, even when the watch is worn daily. Run your chrono every now and the if you wear it!

Don't store Swatches without the battery covers on. The fresh oxygen and humidity that enters the case will increase the corrosion of metal parts.

The acids on your fingers can truly damage your Swatches. Treat your rare pieces well by handling them with cotton gloves.