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About product codes

Most Swatches have a unique identification, a code. Did you know these codes are made up of parts conforming to some strict schematics? Check this out! As usual, if you find something that is not listed, do let us know!

Types of Swatches

Start Type
B Pop
G Gent
L Lady
PK Pop Access
PM Pop midsize
PP Pop pocket
PU Pop-Up
PW Pop
SA Automatic
SB Aquachrono
SC Chrono
SD Scuba
SE Aquachrono midsize
SF Skin
SH Scuba Access
SI Skin .Beat
SK Access
SL Musicall
SO Chrono Alarm
SO27 Big Bold
SO28 Gent 2 (recycled)
SQ .Beat
SR Solar
SS Stop
ST Autoquartz
STA Touch Alarm
STB Touch Bitimer
STG Touch Game
SUA Square
SUB Square
SUD X-Large
SUE Square Chrono
SUF Turn-Over
SUG Fun Scuba
SUI Plastic Chrono
SUJ Jelly In Jelly
SUL Fun Boarder
SUO New Gent
SUP Puzzle Motion
SUT Sistem51
SUY Skin Chrono
SVA Diaphane Automatic
SVB Diaphane Navigator
SVC Diaphane Chrono
SVD Diaphane Automatic
SVG Diaphane Automatic Chrono
SVO New Skin
SX .Beat Access
YA Irony Automatic
YB Irony Scuba 200 Chrono
YC Irony Chrono
YD Irony Scuba / Irony Scuba 200
YG Irony Big
YHS Flymagic
YI Irony Sistem51
YL Irony Medium
YM Irony Chrono midsize
YN Irony Nabab
YO Irony The Chrono
YP Irony Petite
YQ Irony .Beat
YR Irony Retrogade
YS Irony Lady Lady
YU Irony Lady Square

And before that

Code Feature
M Maxi
H Head only (SwatchxMe)

And after that

Code Plastic colour
A Anthracite
B Black
C Coffee brown
E Transparent
F Feathers
G Green
I Indigo blue
J Yellow
K Transparent
L Light blue
M Mouse grey
N Navy blue
O Orange
P Pink
R Red
S Skipper blue
T Tan
V Violet
W White
X Metalcap
Y Polished metalcap
Z Special
Code Irony colour
B Black
G Gold
N Navy blue
O Orange
P Purple
S Silver
Z Special
Numbers Feature
100-399 No day or date feature
400-699 Day feature
700-899 Day and date feature
900-999 Loomi light feature
1000-3999 No day or date feature
4000-6999 Day feature
7000-8999 Day and date feature
9000-9999 Loomi light feature
Code Luxury collection sold in
P Place Vendome, Paris, France
U Via della Spiga, Milan, Italy
PU Both
Code Meaning
A Athletes
A Small flex bracelet
B Large flex bracelet
C-Z Special packaging or strap
D etc Germany
D Irony fliplock bracelet US
DE etc Germany
FHL Fachhandellogo
G Irony fliplock bracelet EU
L Large velcro strap
M Milanese bracelet
RE Reedition
S Small velcro strap

Some examples

So, how does this work out? Let's look at a few examples.


The G means this is a Gents, the C means it has the coffeebrown colour, the one means it has no day or date, 100 means this is the very first coffee coloured Gents and finally the extension means it has a Fachandellogo dial. Easy, isn't it? Another one:


The G means this is a Gents, the Z means it is a Special, the one means it has no day or date, 150 means this is the fiftyfirst Gents Special and finally the extension means it was an Olympic Swatch given to Athletes of Belgium (the L). And finally:


A transparent (K) Diaphane Automatic (SVD) with no day or date. Number eightteen of its kind. Sold both in the Vendome and the Spiga store.