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Swatches are built with Swiss quality. They are also built as fashion watches with an expected lifespan of at least ten years. In fact, most do way better than that. But all good things come to an end. When stored in the right way they can last decades. When worn Swatches will break down. And that's a problem because Swatch did not build them to be serviced. Many types are welded ultrasonically. The Sistem51 movement if fully unadjusted. The Chrono movement is a modular one that cannot be opened. So in general, servicing a Swatch is very hard to do. Please don't trust your local watchmaker or jeweler to do anything with your Swatch. There are many stories about them ruining your Swatch and or battery cover when trying to replace the battery. They are famous for putting in the wrong batteries and/or batteries of bad quality that will ultimately harm your watch. They try to lift the back of your Irony Automatic and break it. That's a very expensive part! Better try what you can do yourself or visit your local Swatch Store. There is a very small amount of stories from people who actually had their watch repaired by Swatch themselves. Obviously they can do much but it is not a policy to do so. When learning to work with Swatches, be prepared to ruin a lot of them!

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